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Smoked Tofu Belly, Black Pudding Puree & Parsley Mashed Potato

Serves 4

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  1. Cook the basmati rice in water and soy sauce until very overcooked and breaking up.
  2. In a food processor, blend the rice to a paste then thinly spread onto a silpat mat or baking paper and dry out in a 100°C oven.
  3. When paste is fully dried and starting to crisp around the edges, remove and cool.
  4. Deep fry the crispy rice at 180°C and break into pieces to resemble crackling.
  5. Cut and drain the smoked tofu.
  6. Cut the seitan into small pieces and deep fry until crispy.
  7. Core, peel and chop the apple and cook in the sugar and lemon juice.
  8. Blitz the apple into a fine puree.
  9. Cook the potatoes and mash, adding butter, salt and parsley and hold hot.
  10. Fry the black pudding, then blend with hot stock into a fine puree. Season with salt and pepper if required.
  11. Shred the cabbage, cook with water and butter, then add the cooked seitan ‘bacon’ pieces.
  12. Pan fry the dried tofu until coloured on all sides.
  13. Assemble ingredients as shown, then finish with vegan gravy mixed with tonkatsu sauce.

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